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     Who We Treat

Just about everyone could benefit from this specialized form of therapy. Who do you know that does not suffer from some sort of pain or dysfunction? Let us give you a few examples.

Do you feel like you have tried everything? Have you tried other treatments (maybe even physical therapy) without success? Or, did you feel some success but were not able to fully achieve your goals? Maybe it was not that those treatments failed you. Maybe there were other limiting factors (i.e. the philosophy or management of the clinic did not suit your needs or you did not see your responsibilities in the process). Before you write physical therapy off as a whole, give Self Solace Physical Therapy, Inc. a try.

Do you have a complex medical condition? Do you suffer from something that is poorly understood, misdiagnosed, or just plain complicated? We enjoy the challenge.

Are you stressed out? Is it getting to the point where you can't deny the link between stress and your pain or dysfunction? Do you try to let it go mentally, but feel your body just holding on? Are you ready to make a change before it leads to a major, life threatening disease?

Are you at the point where surgery has been presented as the only option? Are you not quite ready to take that big step? You may not have to.

Have you already had one or multiple surgeries or traumas? Do you know or suspect that scar tissue is affecting your progress but just don't know how to break up those adhesions? Let us try.

Are you the parent of a child with a special need or orthopedic issue? Are you tired of waiting for a qualified pediatric therapist? Are you afraid that you are wasting precious time waiting for other systems to take care of you? Or, are you looking to enhance the therapy that your child is already receiving? Are you wanting to give your child the very best that healthcare has to offer? Are you eager to take a proactive approach to your child's healing? Let us work together.

Are you a health care provider that recognizes that you must be at your very best in order to fully service others? Many health care providers are in need of treatment to function at their optimum level. Physical therapy is one such treatment. Myofascial Release, in particular, has been referred to as "therapy for the therapist."

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