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     Patient Feedback

What Our Patients Are Saying About Mya Swan, PT, DPT

"I highly recommend Mya to anyone having chronic pain. I have had back pain on and off for over twenty years and the past three years it was chronic, daily, severe pain. In the past three years I tried acupuncture, manual physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medication through a pain clinic. They all helped a little bit but it was not until I began seeing Mya that I experienced significant relief. It has not been a quick fix but I had many years of restrictions built up. My body was full of knots and tender points from past injuries that were pulling me out of alignment and causing shooting nerve pain. Now most of that is gone! Over the past month I have experienced little to no pain. I am so grateful to Mya. She is compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, skilled and a gifted healer. Thank you Mya for the incredible work you do!"
  "Unparalleled one-on-one care -- Through the years, I've been a patient of medical professionals of all disciplines, and I can honestly say that I've never received one-on-one care as detailed as I've received from Mya with Self Solace Physical Therapy. She looks at me holistically, and even more importantly, as a human being, not just a medical chart. She takes into consideration so many things that wouldn't even seem to be directly related to physical therapy -- she also considers psychological, emotional, and other medical factors and their impact upon my physical condition. This attention to detail has led to great improvements in my health as a result of her care."
"Professional and caring -- I was completely impressed with the service that I was provided. I've never had a health care professional take that much time really looking at what was bothering me. She (Mya) was not only thorough, but I'm actually getting results from her therapy...something that I have not received from two other physical therapists for the same issue. I could not recommend her more."
  "Finally, a therapist that looks at the whole body! -- Great one on one sessions! She takes time and listens to your goals to help get you back functioning. Unlike most therapists, she thinks out of the box and has given me different techniques as well as a newfound hope that I will be pain free and back to athletics. I am impressed that she is current on the latest techniques and not stuck in a rut and only looking at one body part at a time. I wish I had found SSPT years ago!"
"I appreciate all of your efforts to help with my issues--and for all of your caring and support."
  "It was very beneficial for me, in alleviating symptoms that I have been difficult to find relief from with other more traditional exercises/stretching approaches and hands-on treatment. I would definitely come back if necessary in the future."
"Thank you with all of my heart for all youíve done and continue to do to help improve my life and the lives of many others. Youíve made such a profound impression on my physical and mental body. I am so thankful to have found you! I truly appreciate your gentle, skillful approach and kind heart."
  "Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I honestly donít know where I would be right now if it werenít for all your work. God truly smiled upon me the day I found you online."
"Thank you for all of your help. I know my body was a challenge because of all the multiple things going on. You were patient but persistent."
  "Thank you so much for devoting so much time to me and my healing. I truly appreciate you!"
"Mya worked with me to figure out my goals/outcomes, determined what was going on, why it was going on, as well as setting a path to remedy the problem. Mya put me through a series of exercises and stretches to help me increase my flexibility, stretch muscles that were not functioning properly, and showed me how to build up my trunk in order to support my back. The outcome of the exercises and stretches were felt almost immediately. Within two weeks...I had much less pain, much more sleep, and felt pretty good. 8 weeks pain, improved flexibility, I run 2 miles per day every day, and I feel terrific! I have not felt this way in a very long time.... Mya was very informative and helpful, clearly very good at what she does, kept the therapy fun, has a terrific style, and was very clear with me on how I can get better. I am very impressed with my results and attribute much of my success to her."
  "I would like to thank you for helping me get through the most painful and worst time in my life. I am truly thankful to God that I found you. You are a wonderful physical therapist and a very warm caring person. I will forever be in your debt."
"Mya is very powerful, yet gentle."
  "Mya Swan is a gifted and talented Myofascial Release and physical therapist. Always the consummate professional--she is both clinician and artist. She is present and focused when treating you and is intensely committed to supporting you in your journey to good health. There is a gentleness to her spirit and touch which is partnered with training, education, and hands on experience, to provide an effective integrated whole body treatment experience. From the first moment her hands touched me, I knew I had found a practitioner who could help."

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